Shorter and more more concise man pages

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Some time ago, I was looking for a concise and precise explanation of Git commands and flags. Something that even a five-year-old can memorize and repeat out loud. My goal was to refresh my knowledge before sharing it wih other people.

I started by looking at "man" pages for Git. Then move on to official Git documentation to quickly find out enormous amounts of text that I believe may be very interesting to read for some folks, but certainly not for me, and possibly not for people that I wanted to share knowledge.

After a rather short period of trying hard to read those resources from the very beginning to end, I realize that there needs to be some kind of shortcut that I wasn't aware of.

I found a project called tldr-pages - precisely what I was looking for - short and concise pieces of documentation for most popular CLI commends, including, of course, Git commands that I was most interested in.

I've installed an "npm" client for this tool on my local machine, but there are multiple implementations of clients for those pages, so everyone should find something for themselves.

Additionally, the content of tldr-pages and most of the clients, if not all, are open source projects, so that's maybe an excellent opportunity to add an open-source project contribution to one's portfolio.

Tags: tools, CLI

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